2019 Survey: The State of Live Streaming on Social Networks

Brian Ring, Principal Analyst

With 20 years of video, TV & OTT tech experience, Brian is an independent analyst and proven strategist, GTM expert & marketer to leading companies in the streaming TV era. Previously, he's led strategic revenue growth programs for companies like Cisco and Ericsson.

Copyright 2019 Ring Digital llc

Copyright 2019 Ring Digital llc

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Our 10th #FutureOfTV consumer survey is here! (And it's our best to date.) 

Remember Meerkat? Live streaming is still alive & well, with ~81M watching regularly. But, is YouTube or Facebook #1? And, guess which Genres are most popular? Do you know why people love it? Answers to these questions and more in a report filled with visual data the world's never seen before. 

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