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IRLchat is a 2nd Screen Landing Page for Interactive Livestreams. It's great for "fanless venue" sports fan engagement, social TV, zoom games and turning webinars into webcasts 

IRLchat uses an innovative cloud overlay back-end. It makes cloud graphics possible for Chat, Tickers, Images, Text, Animated Gifs & Charts

& Feedback

Videoboards & Jumbotrons

Polls, Games & Interactivities

Get feedback or suggestions in real-time. Quasi-anonymous. No app download! Better than SMS,1-800#s.

Send messages, emojis and gifs to the stream! Uber-ize your Sponsor activations via LCD L-bars, ribbon boards, 
& social media livestreams.

IRLchat brings simple, low-cost interactivities, polls & games to ANY screen. Fantastic opportunities for gamification & monetization.

"IRLchat makes Livestreaming on Social Media more engaging for viewers and more valuable for streamers. It takes viewers off-platform to collect email and host interactivity but the results from polls and chat are broadcast on stream in real-time.
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Also: Video technologist, cloud graphics evangelist, two-screen nut-job.

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Zoomcast #1 on Sports Betting, eSports, Fan Engagement, and Second-screen

Scott San Emeterio, CEO, Ball Street Trading
Darcy Lorincz, COO, Torque eSports
Olcay Buyan, CEO, Television.AI

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Agenda Run-Down
(1) TV Story of the Week
(2) D2C Survey Deep-dive 
(3) Chit chat w special guests
(4) Close out w a Video Tech Gem


Zoomcast: A different kind of zoom call. Less webinar, more livestream.

Zoomcast #2 on TikTok, Interactivity and FASTS vs AVOD and more.

Mike Vorhaus, CEO, Vorhaus Advisors